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What’s with the name?

After my first child was born in 2005, I needed a way to share pictures with family. So I bought a simple domain name for sharing a super basic photo portfolio website. It came time to incorporate my business for the web and design work I was doing, so I quickly chose Domestic Jones, LLC as I already had the domain name.

What do I do?

I do media development. Since playing country-disco-metal as a Guardian only feeds my soul, I focus on User Experience design (UX), User Interface design (UI), and front end development to feed my bills.

Why do I do it?

I’m compelled to solve problems and create things. UX/UI design and development is an elegant way to do both.

How long has this been going on?

I started developing websites and making flyers for local punk shows in 1996. Soon after, GWAR had a competition for a new, official website. I was only 13 when this competition happened in 1996, but I made the top 5 submissions and that inspired me to keep going on making stuff. This web and design thing wasn’t so bad.

Why do I care?

These sections usually come across as conceded. Never been much of a fan because it’s the work that’s important, right?

Logo for Domestic Jones LLC

My core focus is problem solving. This leans me heavily towards user experience. I don’t solve problems just for clients, but for users. In the end, it’s the users that will determine if a design, website, or app is successful.

Organization is my next biggest compulsory activity. Ensuring that content is catalogued properly and easily accessible makes all the difference when it comes to good design and development.

I’m a big fan of collaborative projects. Having as much input from clients, test groups, and developers helps everything from UX, UI, and even meeting sprint deadlines.

Very Proficient

  • Adobe CC Photoshop, XD, Illustrator, Premiere, InDesign, After Effects
  • Agile Workflow Have been intimate with Jira and the Atlassian suite
  • CSS with preprocessers like Sass or, to a lesser degree... Less
  • HTML5 with ARIA and ADA compliance
  • JavaScript And a ton of experience with jQuery
  • Sketch with Zeplin and InVision integrations
  • Templating Engines Nunjucks, Jinja, Twig
  • Wordpress Theme and Plugin Development


  • Angular
  • Blade Templating
  • Canvas
  • Git
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • Vue

"Proficient" and "Familiar" seem like pretty arbitrary terms. How about you just get in touch with me, discuss the scope of a project, then we'll see where my skills best fit.

Logo for Domestic Jones LLC

Augusto Fine Rugs

About Augusto Fine Rugs
Custom gallery with detail zoom
Custom Instagram feed
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About Augusto Fine Rugs

Augusto Fine Rugs is a rapidly growing business, and they needed a more sustainable way to manage their website. With inventory quickly coming and going, Anna Augusto and her staff could no longer rely on waiting for their web hosting company to simply swap out some photos.

Because of the extremely high quality of product that Augusto Fine Rugs Carries, a custom gallery was built to quickly peruse her up-to-date stock and a zoom feature to see the fine detail that goes into her product. Based on user research and analytics, the website was optimized for mobile and tablets including the custom gallery functions.

Visit Augusto Fine Rugs


Three of the first issues of BUMP under my creative direction
Boise Underground Music Pages website
Andrew WK article spread
Custom-printable distribution lists that use the website data to produce the lists
Boise country music article spread
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About BUMP

I took over creative direction for Boise Underground Music Pages in December of 2017. My first issue came out in January of 2018 and has been going strong ever since and working collaboratively with Boise organizations like Treefort Music Fest and Wizard’s Comic Con.

Creating an equally engaging and living website was an important part of the brand and identity of BUMP. I integrated Google Sheets into an events calendar as well as a template for importing events directly into the magazine for print.

Find Boise Underground Music Pages

Boise Hive

Photo of the Boise Hive by Full Resolution Photography
Boise Hive style guide excerpts
Poster for MayDay! 2017
Screenshot of the homepage of the Boise Hive's website
Screenshot of the end user's reservation steps
Screenshot of the Volunteer POS Dashboard
Screenshot of the Volunteer POS Booking Calendar
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About Boise Hive

Updating the business and booking systems required a modification of policy and procedure documents along with some basic brand guides to be established. Part of my duties on the board of the Boise Hive is event management and I handle the branding, coordination, and management of the annual MayDay! Event.

The Hive is an entirely-volunteer run organization, so keeping processes as simple as possible for everyone is vital. I streamlined the booking software for the end-user as well as for the volunteer maintaining customers at The Hive. Since the implementation of my system, The Boise Hive has become completely self-sufficient with reservations alone.

Check out The Hive


Revamped interface for DecisionInsite
Old interface for DecisionInsite
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About DecisionInsite

DecisionInsite provides comprehensive mapping and plotting software for educational planning entities. This robest software had its issues with outdated modal layovers and difficult-to-navigate functions. My job as UX designer at Vynyl was to identify all the features of the old DecisionInsite, then rethink and rebuild the structure of using a map and data plotting tool.

I developed and lead the concepts of adding the toolbar, large iconography, and an in-depth control center that provides a wide variety of stats for plotted map regions.

Watch more feature videos from DecisionInsite


Crispin Hellion Glover
Ghostbusters Party
The first Boise Hive benefit show
Toy Zoo's first album release
David Liebe Hart
Bad Acid Trip
Author & Punisher
Agent Orange and In The Whale
The Mentors
Alien takeover
Scott Kelly of Neurosis
Brett Netson & Friends
Dirty Reggae Punx
Author & Punisher
Dying Famous
Eye Hate God and Iron Reagan
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About Posters

I like to make things and stuff.

More Works

Cam Callahan & Campaign Revival

Booking tours is a monotonous endeavor involving hundreds of emails and phone calls. Centralizing all the data for promoters makes everyone’s life easier.

McCall Brewing

I worked with Bruce Maurey on a sleek, modern but simple design to show the rustic complexity of McCall’s flagship brewery.

Egyptian Theatre

One of Boise’s most important, historic pieces of architecture needed an equally elegant and easy-to-use website.


A visually appealing site with an advanced, stepped contact form.

Illinois Chronicle

This site was originally built by a handful of outsourced, overseas contractors using outdated Wordpress plugins and conventions. Ultimately, the website was hacked and its hundreds and hundreds of articles were in jeopardy of being completely lost. I rebuilt the site with streamlined and more performant functions as well as integrating post formats and knocking down plugin dependency to an absolute minimum.

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That's not all...

I don’t only focus on larger-scale UX, UI and development projects. Smaller and quick projects are just as fulfilling.

Get in touch to see if a project is a good fit.
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